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Hack: Open source font perfect for writing code

Hack is an open source font ideal for developers who spend endless hours in front of the computer screen.


If you are a developer and spend most of your day in front of a screen by writing and correcting endless lines of code, you probably have a favorite font that helps you work as relaxed as possible.

But because of the good always there is the best, you can try it hack, an open source font family with four variants: normal, bold, oblique, and bold.

The Hack is designed to be readable on the screen. It has the necessary minimal contrast, the width, the blankness of the letters, and some special features that distinguish it as a font. It is multilingual with more than 1500 characters, including Latin, Modern Greek and Cyrillic. It is also open source, with a special license, which you can modify, use it in commercial applications, and redistribute it.

It is available as a Windows installer, as .ttf, as .OTF, and as a Web Font. For more information about installation and packages you can go to her website at GitHub


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