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Google flights: available in Greece

Google flights: From the short weekend getaways to the big destinations abroad, from the castle of Mystras and Monemvasia to the Colosseum in Rome and the waterways of Venice, the journey now begins with the pioneering service Google Flights.Google flights

From today, whether you are planning a small but exciting weekend getaway with friends or a magical journey abroad with your family, it will be easier than ever to book your air tickets with Google Flights.

The new service, made available today at google.gr/flights will allow you to search, compare and book airline tickets with just a few clicks or just get important information and. inspiration for your new trip.

At the same time, it will even suggest alternative airports for your destination at the lowest possible cost, and for the first time you will be informed about when ticket prices will increase and how much.

Suppose you are planning a trip from Athens to London. You do not mind traveling with any airline while you are flexible on dates. Google Flights will suggest alternative airports or flight dates that will reduce your costs, while constantly providing you with information on when ticket prices are most likely to increase and how much.

But what if you know when, but not where, will you go?

At this point, Explore is the ideal travel advisor: by completing the month you want to travel, the duration of the flight and the type of vacation you can get ideas and find the ideal destinations. Then, after selecting the place you are interested in, you will see the best flights to this destination based on your convenience and the lowest price.

Whether you are planning your trip down to the last detail or you have a fast business trip ahead of you, the goal of Google is to help you find the best flight easily so you can plan, close and ... take off with just a few clicks. So let your imagination be .... fly - visit it google.gr/flights and plan your next vacation!

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