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Dell Technologies is the era of human & machine collaboration

Dell Technologies aims at 2030: The Company's Research Department is exploring the next era of Human-Machine Co-operation

    • More than 20 international experts predict how emerging technologies will re-shape human society and work up to 2030
    • Emerging technologies will redefine the relationship between people and machines, creating deeper and more intrusive collaborations
    • People will have the role of digital composers, and the way we direct business, discover talents and learn, will be radically different.

Dell Technologies
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2030, every organization will have a technological foundation and therefore businesses need to think about how to secure their future in terms of infrastructure and their workforce, according to research published today by Dell Technologies . The research, headed by the Institute for the Future (IFTF), in collaboration with 20 technology experts, academics and business people from around the world, examines how emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence will transform lives and our way of working in the next decade.

The research "The next era of co-operation between people and machines" also provides valuable insights into how consumers and businesses can prepare for a volatile society.

Dell Technologies research predicts that emerging technologies, backed by huge advances in software, big data and computing power, will re-shape our lives.

Society will enter a new stage in its relationship with the machines, a relationship that will be characterized by:

  • Even more efficiency and capabilities than ever before, which will help people overcome their limitations
  • People as "digital composers" for whom technology will be an extension of people, helping them to better manage and manage everyday activities
  • People in the work hunt, which organizations, using advanced data-driven combinational technologies, will identify as talents and employ, wherever they are in the world
  • People who will learn "in the moment" as the pace of change will be so fast that new branches will be created and new skills will be needed to survive

Dell Technologies has commissioned the study to help companies navigate an uncertain world and prepare for the future. Today, digital interventions are rapidly re-launching industries.

For the first time in modern history, world leaders can not predict in what condition their branches will be in the future. According to Dell's Digital Transformation Index (Dell's Digital Transformation Index), 52 percent of high-ranking decision-makers in 16 countries have experienced significant interventions in their industries as a result of digital technologies. Almost one in two businesses thinks that their company is likely to become obsolete over the next three to five years.

"Our industry has never experienced such powerful interventions before. The pace of change is overwhelming and we live in an environment in which you act resolutely, or you are lost. To make the decisive leap forward, in this new era of partnership between people and machines, every business should be transformed into a digital business with core software, "said Jeremy Burton, Chief Marketing Officer, Dell Technologies.

"But organizations will have to move quickly and build their own capable machines, prepare their own infrastructure, and give the appropriate capabilities to their own human resources if they want to fuel this change."

"We have been exposed to two extreme outlooks about machine development in the future: the problem of technological unemployment, which is caused by intense worries or, on the other hand, the overly optimistic view that technology will resolve all our social and environmental problems "Says Rachel Maguire, research director, Institute for the Future.

"In contrast to these views, what we should do is focus on the real nature of the relationship between technology and people and how we can prepare them properly. If we take over from now on the hard work of enhancing successful co-operation between people and machines, the impact on society will be beneficial to all of us. "

Dell Technologies Among the other findings of the survey are:

  • 2030 is the dependence of people on machines to develop into a partnership, with people providing skills, such as creativity, passion and entrepreneurial spirit. This will be in line with the ability of machines to work speedily, automated and efficient, resulting in the resulting productivity, creating new opportunities and roles within the industry.
  • Until 2030, personalized and built-in Artificial Intelligence (AI) helpers will go far beyond what aides can do. They will take care of us in predictive and automated ways.
  • Technology will not necessarily replace workers, but the job finding process will change. The job will cease to identify with a place, but it will be a series of tasks. Mechanical learning will make the skills and capabilities of individuals identifiable and organizations will look for the best talent for specific tasks.
  • It is estimated that 85 percent of 2030 jobs have not yet been devised. The pace of change will be so fast that people will learn "in the moment" using new technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality. The ability to acquire new knowledge will be more valuable than this knowledge in itself.


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