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New details about Fitbit's first Smartwatch leaked

Fitbit's debut on the SmartWatch market is likely to take place in the autumn, after several delays caused by some technologies that are not ready for launch.


But Fitbit argues that all of these reports are false and SmartWatch is really on track, pointing out that the device will undoubtedly succeed.

The development of SmartWatch and third-party applications "is on track", as the company says "that the developer program is false."

And yet, people who know the issue seem to claim the opposite. Employees of the company say SmartWatch has been delayed to market, as Fitbit's board of directors initially planned to launch it as its rival Watch Apple 2.

"This thing is designed to compete with Apple Watch 2," said a company of confidential information. "But as soon as it comes out, there will be Apple Watch 3."

Why is it so late that Fitbit is launching its new SmartWatch? While previous reports have shown that Fitbit has difficulty putting all the hardware it wants into the watch, it now appears that the company is fighting its own App Store, which is not yet ready to go out in the air.

Instead of exploiting Android Wear, which would provide access to a wide range of applications, Fitbit builds its own proprietary platform by creating a Pebble-based application store, SmartWatch, which it acquired last year.

Fitbit wants to sell its SmartWatch for less than $ 300 and comes with rich app support, although this is clearly a dangerous bet as it builds its own operating system and that is the only device that supports it. The app store will be available on Android phones and iPhone, and users should download apps to their smartphone before transferring them to the watch through Bluetooth.


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