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iPhone Wallabies Leaked image of original iPhone

iPhone Photo: Apple is preparing to showcase its model 10 generation iPhone sometime in September, and it seems we can take a look at the early prototypes used by the company to test various features before official release.

This photo that published by the former human interface manager for Apple Ken Kocienda reveals two such prototypes that Cupertino calls internal Wallabies.iphone

As you can see for yourself, the two devices do not look like iPhones, but only because they are covered in protective cases, apparently to hide the real design of the phones. Apple has become famous over the years for the secrecy it maintains before the release of its products, although in recent years, more and more "leaks" were revealed by its smartphones before the official release.

This is probably the case with the iPhone 8, which is expected to be released in September with a completely new design that includes an OLED screen with narrow frames, wireless charging and face recognition cameras. Leaks have already shown the design of the new device, despite the Apple fight to prevent leakage.

Returning to the original, Kocienda explains that they used to create the software keyboard that was available on the first iPhones. Both have a home button, which according to the reports will be removed in the upcoming model, for a fingerprint sensor that is embedded on the screen.

The home button, on the other hand, is expected to remain available on iPhone 7s and 7s Plus, which are the immediate successors of the current series models.

Apple is preparing smaller changes for these models, although some remarkable upgrades such as wireless charging are planned, which could come in all the next iPhone models.

Of course, all these rumors are based on existing leaks and information coming from unofficial sources, so it remains to be seen whether they are accurate or not.

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