A bug in LastPass leaks site credentials you've visited

A bug in LastPass leaks site credentials you've visited

LastPass password manager released an update last week to fix a security bug that reveals ...
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Oil plants were attacked by drones

Saudi Arabia faced two major attacks on the weekend. Two large oil refineries have been attacked by ...
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NAS devices: Research proves to be vulnerable to cyberattacks!

Obviously, not every machine or device connected to the Internet can be 100% secure. The...
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How to make a career in ethical hacking: Skills and perspectives

Information Technology (IT) is one of the largest and most popular industries of our time, with an ever-expanding ...
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iOS 13: Error allows bypass iPhone / iPad lock screen

Apple's iOS 13 has not yet been released (will be released on September 19) and the first bug has already been detected ...
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The Apple iCloud Backup service is down

Apple's iCloud Backup service is currently off, with problems identified for the first time about 24 hours, but have been extended to users all over the world in recent hours.


Little is known at this point about the causes of the shutdown, but Apple itself has confirmed the problems on the system status page, saying that iCloud Backup started for the first time on June 27, with only a few users initially affected.

Of course, Apple is currently downgrading, saying that "less than 1% of users are affected," but that is undoubtedly a big problem for customers who wanted to back up iCloud and create new devices using backups their.

While most people believe Apple's Apple Backup service is "down" due to a cyber attack. There is absolutely no proof that this is the case, with Apple remaining totally tight in such detail.

However, the company recognizes that "users may not be able to restore an iClοud backup," and this is particularly disappointing when it comes to creating new devices. Its customers Apple buyers of new iPhones can not use iClouds to transfer data from one device to another and the alternative way of dealing with it is to go to iTunes backups that are locally stored for data migration.

We will watch how Apple faces the problem in the next few hours, but at the moment it is turning to it iTunes for backups and recovery seems to be the best option, especially because the breakdown seems to take longer than expected.

All other services seem to work properly, according to the Apple system status page and the other iCloud services also work, including iCloud Mail, iCloud accounts and logins, and iCloud storage upgrades. This is most likely a server issue and a solution should be only a few hours away.

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