Researcher published a dangerous Windows 10 zero-day exploit

Researcher published a dangerous Windows 10 zero-day exploit

A security researcher today revealed at GitHub the existence of a zero-day vulnerability in Windows 10. Zero-day vulnerabilities are often called ...
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School in Ohio fell victim to attack hacking with Trickbot

On Friday, a school in Ohio discovered he was hacked. In particular, malicious software infected systems and so ...
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AMSA alerts users to phone frauds

AMSA has warned that it has received reports that its phone number has been used to make phishing via telephone ...
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Does industrial robots increase the risk of cyber attacks?

The use of robots in industrial environments has greatly changed the conditions under which the various jobs are being done in the last ...
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Cyber ​​warfare: What is it and which domains it affects?

The term cyber warfare refers to online warfare between governments by performing complex internet attacks. These carriers ...
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Office 2007 expires on 10 October 2017

Office 2007: The end comes. Microsoft announced that Microsoft's company support for Microsoft Office 2007 will expire at 10 October 2017.

Office 2007 was the first version of the office suite that brought the Ribbon interface (ribbon tools) instead of the classic toolbars and menus we knew. It was also the Office version that brought new Open Open XML, docx, pptx, and xlsx file formats.Office 2007

The program Office was released for the first time on 30 January 2007, and the main support was completed on 9 October 2012. So where is the time to end the extended product support that will end on 10 October 2017.

The end of life for a Microsoft product means that Microsoft will no longer release updates on the product. This includes security updates as well as any other form of update, for example, to resolve errors. In addition, Microsoft will no longer provide technical support for any issue that comes to its customers.

Microsoft published a list with Office 2007 products that will expire.

Office 2007 programs such as Word, Excel, or PowerPoint will continue to work after the support fee. On the other hand, Microsoft Outlook will not be able to connect to Office 365 mailboxes after 10 October 2017. This means that users using the Outlook 2007 to send or receive Office 365 emails will no longer be able to do so.

The reason for this is that Microsoft will remove RPC over HTTP in Office 365 on 31 October 2017.

On October 31 2017, RPC over HTTP will be removed in Exchange Online and replaced with MAPI over HTTP, a modern protocol released in May of 2014. This change will affect you if you run Outlook 2007 because it will not work with MAPI over HTTP. To resume the e-mail connection, Outlook 2007 clients should update to a later version of Outlook or use Outlook on the web. This change may also affect you if you use Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013, and Outlook 2010 as you need to make sure that you have installed the latest cumulative update for your Office version.

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