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Evernote: Goodbye, Windows Phones! Another off-platform app

H Evernote has decided to enter the growing list of developers who abandon Windows Phones as the company decided to abandon the platform and focus on projects that have a future like those of iOS and Android.

Evernote justified its decision by stressing that the company should stay focused on leading projects such as Evernote Web, Evernote for Android, Windows, Mac and iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.Evernote

"Focusing somewhere sometimes means leaving something else behind. From 29 June 2017 we will discontinue support for BlackBerry and Windows Phones. If you are currently using Evernote on these platforms, you can continue to do so but know that they will no longer be available for download or receive further updates. "

Therefore, starting on Thursday, Evernote downloads will stop and the app will no longer appear in Store searches. Those who have already installed it on their mobile will be able to use it normally, but since no updates will be offered, you will lose all the new features and improvements we find on the other platforms.

Evernote reports that anyone can continue to access notes and notebooks by going to a supported platform through a browser on the Windows desktop.

Of course, there are several alternatives to Evernote on Windows Phones, with Microsoft's OneNote, which is more popular, without a doubt, available on a wide range of platforms.

OneNote improves with every update so a possible removal from Windows Phones is not even discussed.


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