NPP Australia: Notifying Customers of a New PayID Leak

NPP Australia: Notifying Customers of a New PayID Leak

PayID's search function on Australia's new payment platform (NPP) has encountered problems once again. This...
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Man-in-the-middle attacks: What are the most common types?

In a previous article we analyzed exactly what man-in-the-middle attacks are, how they work, how they are carried out and how we can protect ourselves against ...
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Man-in-the-middle attacks: What is and how to protect yourself?

A man-in-the-middle attack presupposes three parts. The victim, the entity with which the victim is trying to communicate ...
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Your keyboard can betray your passwords to hackers

Hackers are able to edit your online passwords only from the sound of your keystrokes, revealed a ...
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Bluetooth vulnerability affects Apple, Qualcomm and Intel devices!

Bluetooth is used worldwide as one of the most convenient methods of connecting and controlling connected devices. However, according to ...
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Websites of the US government have been hacked!

A large number of websites belonging to the United States government were dashed during the weekend, with evidence of new hacks that were also published late on Monday and early Tuesday. The websites in Ohio and Maryland were captured by the Team Team DZ hacking team that hit the index page with pro-ISIS and anti-Donald Trump messages.


The sites in Ohio and Maryland were captured after the Team Team DZ hacking team hit the pro-ISIS and anti-Donald Trump messages index page.

The Ohio Gov. Websites John Kasich and Howard County, Maryland, were the first two to be at risk on Sunday, but other attacks are also targeted at the Ohio Rehabilitation and Correction Department, the Ohio Governor, Ohio's First Lady, Transformation, Health Transformation Office and Medicaid.

In addition, Team System DZ was also targeting the Washington Department of Health website, as well as several pages belonging to international organizations.

The deformed sites included a black wallpaper and an Arabic symbol, with an Islamic call to the prayer that runs in the background. A message posted on the website expressed the support of the Islamic State and included a warning to Donald Trump and the Americans.

Most websites have already been restored and the Ohio authorities have stated that they have already contacted the FBI to start an investigation.

"All affected servers have been downloaded offline and we are investigating how these hackers were able to disfigure these sites. We also work with law enforcement to better understand what has happened, "said Tom Hoyt, a spokesman for the Ohio Department of Administration.

Team DZ is a group of hackers active since November of 2015, and their goals included not only sites on United States but throughout the world, including those belonging to the French and Spanish authorities.

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