Hackers use Twitter Card vulnerability and attack users

Hackers use Twitter Card vulnerability and attack users

Twitter was found with a new vulnerability, which could allow hackers to attack its users ...
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Firefox 70 brings Lockwise password manager. Get ready for a lot of hacks!

Mozilla brings Lockwise password manager to Firefox 70, which is expected to be released on October 22. Firefox ...
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Google buys random human data for just $ 5

Google is one of the world's largest technology companies and is constantly working on new, innovative projects. It employs a ...
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How dangerous and frequent is an attack on RDP-enabled computers?

How long does it take for an attack on RDP-enabled computers? In some cases, a few minutes. In most, less than 24 hours. The...
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Watchbog: Attacks on servers to "keep the internet safe"

Hackers are exploiting vulnerable Jira and Exim servers to infect them with a new variant of Watchbog Linux ...
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Microsoft: Two arrests for hacking in its networks

Two men were arrested on June 22 for a hack at Microsoft after a collaboration between the company and law enforcement agencies like FBI, EUROPOL, EMSOU (East Midlands Special Operations Unit) and the National Cyber ​​Crime Unit (NCCU).

The names of the two suspects have not been revealed, but British media reports that they come from Lincolnshire and Bracknell and is believed to be part of an international team that managed to enter the Microsoft network between January and March of 2017.microsoft

The police invaded their homes and seized computers and other items that could help in the search. One of the suspects is accused of acquiring unauthorized access to a computer while the other is arrested for computer misconduct

At present, very little is known about hack, but Microsoft explained in a statement that hackers were unable to access their customer data, noting that all of its systems were operating after the attack.

"The current action of the authorities in the UK is an important step ... The strongest online security depends on the ability to locate and prosecute cybercriminals. This requires not only a strong technical capacity but also a willingness to publicly recognize such issues and refer them to the law enforcement authorities, Reported a Microsoft representative.

"No company is immune from cybercrime. There was no access to our customer data and we are confident about the integrity of our software and systems. We have implemented comprehensive measures to prevent, detect and respond to attacks. "

Authorities said investigations are ongoing in several other countries, and we can see new arrests from the same international gang that broke the Microsoft network.

It remains to be seen whether more information will be given on what hackers have access to, as researchers are still trying to identify the sections of the networks that the criminals have reached.

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