HomesecurityKaspersky VirusDesk free online scans

Kaspersky VirusDesk free online scans

Kaspersky VirusDesk: A free service from the Russian security company that allows you to scan files or links for viruses and other threats.

Online file scanners can give you a second opinion about a file you do not trust because they contain multiple antivirus mechanisms to give better estimates of the threat level of each file.Kaspersky VirusDesk

The Kaspersky VirusDesk it offers two main functions: scanning one or multiple files and options to search for good or bad reputation of the links you control.

You can scan it with a drag and drop of the file you are interested in or use the attachment icon to upload it from your browser.

The next click transfers the file to Kaspersky. After scanning, the site will return the results. Scans from this service use the same antivirus engine that Kaspersky Antivirus uses in Windows.

The files are described as safe, infected or suspicious.

  • Safe means Kaspersky has not detected any threats.
  • Suspicious is a file that "can be a threat in some cases".
  • Contaminated means that a threat has been detected.

You can see the new tool Kaspersky VirusDesk from the link below

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