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FBI: A "pirate" was arrested who upgraded Deadpool to Facebook

FBI agents have arrested 21 Trevon Maurice Franklin, who is accused of copyright infringement following the filing of a pirated copy of Deadpool on Facebook, while the movie was still being played in cinemas.

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The arrest of the 21-year-old "pirate" of Deadpool is a clear message to the internet community about the consequences that the upload of illegal content and the offense of copyright infringement can have. [Su_spacer size = ”20 ″]
The pirated copy of Fox / Marvel's giant movie gossip has seen more than 5 millions of users, after it was uploaded to the social network, just eight days after the first release of the film, 12 February 2016.

The felony is imprisoned for up to three years in a federal prison. Franklin is also accused of reproducing and distributing at least 10 copies of Deadpool. The capture of the young pirate took place last Tuesday.

[su_note note_color = ”# faeda6 ″ text_color =” # 494134 ″ radius = ”1 ″] Deadpool is one of the most popular pirate films of 2016. The pirate versions of the film that appeared shortly before its release in cinemas and illegal downloads amount to millions, according to TorrentFreak. The film grossed more than $ 783 million at the worldwide box office, and Deadpool 2 is set to hit theaters on June 1 next year. [/ Su_note]

"The arrest of the 21-year-old by the FBI is a message to the online community about the possible consequences for something that many may consider harmless," said lawyer Roger Bonakdar. "But this does not necessarily mean that those arrested for copyright infringement are also sent to prison."

"Assessing the damage caused by copyright infringement on the internet is not yet possible," he said, "mainly because the clicks a particular page receives are not equal and do not reflect the actual number of views of the video."

"One can watch how many clicks were made, but one must also ask how many people watched the movie. What is the real damage? ”He adds.

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