Stand-alone vehicles: Is it really safe or not?
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Stand-alone vehicles: Is it really safe or not?

Most of us growing up, we have admired mainly in the movie these large stand-alone vehicles that were advanced and possessed ...
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Are Ships Safe from Cyber ​​Attacks?

Nowadays, even ships are at risk of hacking. New systems they use to connect ...
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Malicious insider attacks on financial services!

It is well known that the sector most affected by cyberattacks is the business sector and in particular financial services ....
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FaceApp became viral again. Does it endanger our personal life?

FaceApp. The application is reverted to viral after two years of circulation. Its effects have improved and many influencers decided to bring back ...
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Sprint: Hackers have violated user accounts via a Samsung site

US mobile operator Sprint said he was hacked, as some criminals managed to access accounts ...
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Tails 3.0 Final

To Tails Project just released the final live OS Tails 3.0, a live operating system that runs on any computer and leaves no trace to either the machine or the internet.Tails 3.0

This particular functional Tails was used by former NSA employee Edward Snowden to remain hidden on the internet.

If you want to help develop the Tails Project, the first RC for the upcoming 3.0 version has just been released and is available for testing.

How can you help? Of course, mentioning the bugs you encounter with the developers of the project.

What's new;

The Tails 3.0 will be the first release of Debian 9 (Stretch) based Tails and will feature GNOME Shell 3.22 as a preferred desktop:

"Tails 3.0 works only on 64-bit computers and no longer on 32-bit systems. To protect against security exploits, support for NX bit became obligatory and most binaries became hardened with PIE allowing ASLR. Tor Browser was upgraded to the 7.0 version (based on Firefox 52 ESR), which uses multi-process and sandboxing. »

Upgraded Tor Browser 7.0, KeePassX 2.0.3, LibreOffice 5.2.6, Inkscape 0.92.1, Audacity 2.1.2, Enigmail 1.9.6, MAT 0.6.1, Dasher 5.0, and Git 2.11.0

Tails 3.0 Announcement of new version

. Download: tails-amd64-3.0.iso (1,153MB, signature, torrent).

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