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Easy Ways to Make Windows 10 Faster

In our previous article we saw how we can use our computer's RAM as a virtual hard disk drive, achieving unsurpassed speeds and performance in our system. Today, we will look at some easy and fast ways we can improve the performance and speed of Windows 10, without using hardware.

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1. Transparency; Not anymore.

The Start Menu Windows 10 is transparent and sexy, but this transparency costs you some resources in your system. To free up these resources, you can disable the transparency of the Start menu, Taskbar, and Action Center. How;

Go to Settings (Settings)> Personalization (Personalization)> Colors (Colors) and deactivate the option “Make the Start, Taskbar and Action Center transparent“. So simple.

2. Optical effects; Put an end

In addition to transparency, Windows 10 has many other special effects. If you want to get rid of it permanently, releasing even more resources, right-click its button Starting and go to System. (Start menu -> System)

On the left you will see the option “Advanced system settings“. After clicking, go to the “tabFor advanced“. In the section “PerformanceClick on the option Settings.

This will open the menu Performance options. On the tab Viewing effects, select Settings for optimal performance, order turn off all unnecessary animations and special effects - or alternatively, select Adjustment and deselect all the visual effects you do not need. Yes, you can live without them. When you're finished, do not forget to click OK to apply your changes.


3. Automatic start of programs? Limit it.

Turn off programs that start automatically when you start your computer and enable Fast Startup.

If your computer slows down significantly when booting, make sure in the first time that the Fast Startup Settings -> Power supply and standby -> Relevant settings -> Additional power settings. From the menu on the left click on "Select the action to be taken when closing the lid" and check if Termination settings is turned on Quick Start.

One of the main reasons why your computer may be slow is that you may have too many programs that start automatically when you start your system. To fix this, right-click the button Inception and then go to Task Manager. Click the Startup tab (or first "More Details" if the Startup tab does not appear directly) and look for the list of programs that start with your computer. If you see a program that does not need to be there, right-click and select Disable.

4. Performance Troubleshooter. Find and fix the problem.

Windows 10 has a built-in troubleshooter that can help you find and fix any problems that may affect your computer's speed. To open the troubleshooter, right-click the button Inception and go to Control panel. In unit Safety and Maintenance at the top, click Troubleshoot computer problems. From the System and Security section, select Perform maintenance work…and leave the rest in Windows.

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