Zero-Day Vulnerability gives Hackers full access to PCs

Zero-Day Vulnerability gives Hackers full access to PCs

A new zero-day vulnerability, which acts as a backdoor, giving access to hackers so they can take control of a ...
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EU: There is no evidence of Kaspersky's risk

In June of 2018, there was an issue with Kaspersky Lab's products. The European Parliament had approved ...
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Wipro: Carry out research after discovering a violation of data

The technology company Wipro said it is conducting an internal investigation after discovering that for some months some hackers ...
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The cost of rescuing files from ransomware doubled 2019

The ransomware attacks are very widespread this time. Surveys show that hackers have greatly increased their ...
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Violation of 5.600 customer data from Blue Cross, Idaho

Another online attack is coming to the fore and this time is the victim of Blue Cross's insurance company ...
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How to permanently delete a Gmail account

While Gmail accounts are particularly popular even for business use, there are users who want to permanently delete one or more accounts. In this article we will see how to permanently delete them.


For those who are wondering why one wants to delete a free one gmail account, we will tell them that there are a lot of cases for someone to wish for it. Old emails from childhood, such as, have not been put in the adult world. Emails from terminated business activity that do not need to be somewhere in some corner of the vast Internet, at risk of leaking at any time.

But, let's look at the guide on how to delete your Gmail account forever.

Things to do first
Before deleting your Gmail, you need to make sure that this email address is no longer linked to your bank, Amazon, eBay, your job, or other important accounts, because there will be no way to forward it messages sent to your email address after it is deleted. So go to your most important accounts first and change their contact email address if they are connected to the Gmail removed.

The next thing to do if you wish is to download all the important emails from your Gmail account. Google has a built-in tool to do this. It is called "Download your data". Go to it, then uncheck all frames except "Mail". (You can click the "Select anyone" box and then just click X next to Mail to select it.) You can also choose to save only emails under certain labels. Just click the "All Messages" button next to the word "Mail" to choose which labels to download.

Once you're ready, click Next, then follow the instructions to save the content of your inbox.

Delete your Gmail account
1. Sign in to your Google Account using any of Google's services (you can also use Gmail.) Then click on your Google profile image (top right) and select 'My Account'.

2. On the My Account screen, click 'Delete your account or services'.

3. On the next screen, go down to "Deleting your account or services," and then click the "Delete Products" button and reconnect to your Gmail account for the last time.

You'll see a list of Google services associated with your account that you can delete. (It's a good idea to know this list if you want to delete other Google services in the future.)

4. Click the bucket icon next to "Gmail," then when prompted, type an email address so your other Google accounts - like Drive and so on - can stay active. Your alternate email address may not be another Gmail address.

Once this is done, you'll receive an email at the address you've entered, asking you to click on a link to confirm that you really want to delete your Gmail account forever.

5. Click the link, then read the Google warning message that tells you that it is not an ordinary "blah blah" text. The most important thing to note here is that if you were using this Gmail email address as a recovery account for your bank account, important service accounts, etc. then you will no longer be able to access this information.

6. So, now you have considered all the consequences, you are ready to delete your account. If you insist, then check the box at the bottom of the "blah blah" window and select "Delete Gmail".

That's it! You no longer have access to your Gmail account after it has been irrevocably deleted (as always with Google). If you have not deleted the other services in this account, you will still be able to access them despite deleting your Gmail address. Access will be through the email address you have entries in step 4.

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