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Apple is accused of stealing Microsoft Driving Mode

Apple announced at WWDC this week a number of improvements coming to iPhones running iOS 11, including the so-called Do Not Disturb While Driving feature, which blocks alerts when driving for reduced distraction.


An Apple demonstration at the developer conference showed that the alerts that arrive while driving with this activated mode are automatically converted to silent, with the screen not turning on to distract the driver.

And while at first glance this sounds like a very useful addition to the feature set iOS, the Do Not Disturb While Driving feature closely resembles Microsoft's Windows Phone driving mode.

It was obviously a matter of time until Windows Phone fans accused Apple of having stolen this feature from Microsoft while users at reddit are now discussing how the iPhone maker borrowed other mobile technologies from Microsoft products, such as live images.

And while Apple can hardly be blamed for stealing the feature since car mode is available on other platforms, the new iPhone Do Not Disturb While Driving does seem to work similarly to Windows Phone. The following is the description provided by Microsoft for Driving Mode:

"Are you trying to open the funny pictures that your friends send you while you are on the road? Driving Mode can help you reduce distractions from your phone while behind the wheel. Enable this feature to restrict notifications on the lock screen - Including messages, calls, and notifications - until you park safely. You can even send automatic replies when someone tries to contact you, so they will not have to worry. ”

What is important to note, however, is that Windows Phone was not really the first operating system to apply such a feature, as there was also driving mode in Symbian.


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