Ethical hacking-Penetration Testing: Necessary to protect your data

Ethical hacking-Penetration Testing: Necessary to protect your data

If you want to protect your personal or corporate data from hackers, it would be good to attend some lessons ...
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Stand-alone vehicles: Is it really safe or not?

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Are Ships Safe from Cyber ​​Attacks?

Nowadays, even ships are at risk of hacking. New systems they use to connect ...
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Malicious insider attacks on financial services!

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FaceApp became viral again. Does it endanger our personal life?

FaceApp. The application is reverted to viral after two years of circulation. Its effects have improved and many influencers decided to bring back ...
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Nokia 9 photos reveal dual-camera setup!

We already know that Nokia is working on a flagship phone to run Android, and now a French website gives us an early look at what could be the competitor of Samsung's Galaxy S8.


Frandroid has been able to find some information that you believe represents the original of Nokia 9 and some of the photos that were finally allowed to reveal some features of the device.

First of all, it seems that Nokia 9 will be released with an 5,3 inch screen, although its exact dimensions will be 5,27 inches, according to a CPU-Z screenshot posted by the source. The screen will have an 1440 × 2560 pixel resolution and will have 557 dpi, with the source saying it has a maximum brightness of 530 nits. An Always-On viewing option, similar to the one available on the Samsung Galaxy S8, will also be available to view the clock and the notifications you have recently received.

The phone will be powered by Snapdragon 835 at 2.46 GHz and will be combined with 4GB RAM. Nokia will offer 64GB storage, but there is a good chance that other versions will be available with more storage space. It is also possible to offer a microSD card.

In terms of cameras, Nokia 9 could be targeted specifically at 7 iPhone Plus, despite the smaller screen, as it will feature a dual lens configuration. The report says Nokia will use 2 13 megapixel cameras along with a double flash LED for better nighttime quality. There is no reference to a telephoto at the moment.

The Nokia 9 will still have a headphone jack and support charging and transferring via USB Type-C. The phone will come with a front home button and there is a good chance it also includes a fingerprint sensor.

In terms of software, Nokia 9 will run Android 7.1.1 and a launcher similar to that used by Google in Pixel is very likely.

Keep in mind, however, that this is an original and some features could change before the launch. As for pricing, the phone will cost around $ 700.

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