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Strong online attack on the Bank of Greece!

Bank of Greece

A violent online attack allegedly took place at the Bank of Greece according to his authoritative sources Secnews.gr

In a communication that SecNews's editorial team with a Bank of Greece executive did not even confirm the fact, without giving details. There is currently no complete recording as to which systems have been affected or the impact on the IT infrastructure of the Bank of Greece. Moreover, it was not clarified if it affects other banks or affiliates.

It is worth mentioning that the Bank of Greece website is hardly accessible from the morning (especially slow access) which you may be responsible for hitting the virus Wannacry

So far, there are no details of its nature or its overall impact attack online which hit the Bank of Greece. We believe that the Bank of Greece should make a relevant announcement to inform Greek citizens.

Stay tuned for any new developments on the issue. 


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