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See the world's first skydive by a drone

Skydivers all over the world can begin to dream of making their leaps with drones in the near future.


Unlike typical drones aimed at the general public, the Latvian company Aerones specializes in large unmanned flying machines that can carry heavy loads. So yesterday she published a video, advertising her products, where a drone raises a skydiver several meters in the air before he leaves his hands and left to the joy of free fall.

The Aerones drone with the 28 propellers got for security reasons from a tall tower, the skydiver Ingus Augustkalns, so that there is enough height to open his parachute in the event of an error. He then raised him to 330 meters from where Ingus left his hands, opened his parachute and landed smoothly on the ground.

This video of the company is one of the many corresponding ones in the her website, highlighting the ability of its machines to lift heavy loads. There are references to useful applications of these drones, such as their use for rescue or firefighting.

However, it seems that in the near future they will be used as well for fun to please skydive friends.

See the relevant video below:


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