Ethical hacking-Penetration Testing: Necessary to protect your data

Ethical hacking-Penetration Testing: Necessary to protect your data

If you want to protect your personal or corporate data from hackers, it would be good to attend some lessons ...
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Stand-alone vehicles: Is it really safe or not?

Most of us growing up, we have admired mainly in the movie these large stand-alone vehicles that were advanced and possessed ...
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Are Ships Safe from Cyber ​​Attacks?

Nowadays, even ships are at risk of hacking. New systems they use to connect ...
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Malicious insider attacks on financial services!

It is well known that the sector most affected by cyberattacks is the business sector and in particular financial services ....
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FaceApp became viral again. Does it endanger our personal life?

FaceApp. The application is reverted to viral after two years of circulation. Its effects have improved and many influencers decided to bring back ...
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Microsoft: Ubuntu Fedora and Suse via Windows Store ...

Microsoft surprised everyone today when it announced to Build 2017 that Apple is bringing iTunes to the Windows Store. It was surprising but not like the one that followed immediately ...

Ubuntu will also be available through the Windows Store, while Fedora and Suse come to Windows Subsystem for Linux.
Basically, Linux distribution traffic through Windows Store will allow users to install them as applications on Windows 10 devices, meaning that they can run Windows and Linux applications together without having to have two dual-boot systems .

"Windows 10 is the first system that allows you to do this," Microsoft said today at Build the Developer Conference.

This functionality will be available with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update update, but it will be available Ubuntu is already available in the Windows Store while it is Suse and Fedora will be released later. The update for WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) will also be released later.

Microsoft once again reiterated that it loves Linux, leaving behind all the criticisms that the former CEO has said about the world of open source. Steve Ballmer, the former chief executive of Microsoft, once called Linux cancer, but with today's announcement, it is now obvious that the Redmond company is now openly supporting Linux and open source (?!).

"Windows 10 will be the most productive work environment ever made," Microsoft said.

As you can see on the screenshot, the Ubuntu Windows Store entry resembles any other application available in the Store and of course it is available to download and install it for free.

As new Linux distributions are released through the Windows Store, they will run on Windows 10 S, the version of Microsoft's Windows 10 that only runs applications from the Store.

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