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Instagram Hacks | TIPS and hidden tricks you need to know

You love Instagram - just like us. That's why we've put together six basic Instagram hacks you need to know to get the most out of the app: upload photos to your computer, use Instagram as an image editor, convert your photos to ASSCII art, and more more interesting tricks and secrets that you will discover below.

[su_note note_color = ”# f6fcf6 ″ text_color =” rgb (44, 48, 25) ”radius =” 1 ″] Instagram Fans, keep notes! [/ su_note]
[su_heading]1. Upload photos from your computer[/ su_heading]

You are looking for a way to upload photos in Instagram directly from your computer? We have the solution. All you need is to install one Android simulator, As the BlueStacks, which will allow you to easily run apps and games that have been made for Android. Install BlueStack on your PC, download Instagram and upload pictures from your desktop. So simple.

[su_heading]2. Pain photos of other users[/ su_heading]

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Instagram does not allow you to do it share photos by third-party profiles. Do not be discouraged. The repost is a popular application for iOS and Android that has been created for this purpose. Just remember that it can not be used to share photos from private profiles.

After installing Repost, open the Instagram application, select the photo you want to share with your friends and click on the three dots on the top right of the image. Select "Copy Share URL".

Then the Repost app will open and the copied URL will be entered automatically. Select the image to continue, explore the additional options provided by the application, and when everything is ready, press the "Repost" button to start the export process, opening the image / video in the Instagram editor. That's it! Follow the usual procedure, add filters and post the photo to your profile.

[su_heading]3. Use Instagram as a Photo Editor[/ su_heading]

Instagram has a wide variety of filters that will help you improve your photos and gain more followers. If you want use Instagram filters and then share the image on another social network, you can do it easily with a simple hack.

First, make sure you have the option enabled "Save Original Photos" in your profile settings and then activate it flight mode (Airplane Mode) on your device. Now you need to follow the usual method of sharing photos, adding the image you want, selecting the desired filter, and posting. As the flight mode is activated, the upload will fail and you will find the edited image stored in your mobile gallery. Instagram hacked!

Tip: Do not forget to press "X" after the failed upload to prevent the photo from being uploaded later.

[su_heading]4. He published many photos at the same time[/ su_heading]

One of the most useful features added to the Instagram application has recently been ability to add multiple photos at the same time. If you have not used this feature yet, it's time to do it, making share up to 10 photos at the same time.

How do you do that? After selecting the first image, select the multi-image selection icon at the bottom right of the photo. Now you can choose more photos and videos, add effects and you are ready for multiple posting. By measure, do not overdo it.

[su_heading]5. Save the photos of Instagram in full size on your desktop[/ su_heading]

You know that the images that appear in the Instagram application and on the website are not in their original size. By employing a little trick, you can to get the original photos (in full size!). Open the desired image in your browser. Take a look at the URL and remove the "? Taken-by" section and the characters that follow.

Now add the suffix “/ media /? Size = l” to the URL and press Enter. This will open the image in full size on Instagram servers. To save it, just right click and save 🙂

The following online application http://instadp.com can also reveal the profile picture of any user in full size!

[su_heading] 6. Turn your images into ASCII art! [/ Su_heading]

For some unknown reason, Instagram stores images as ASCII on its servers. Using a simple Instagram trick through your web browser, you can see your photos in ASCII version. To do this, open a full-size image, following the procedure in step 5, and add the ".txt" extension to the URL. Voilà!

Instead of .txt you can also try and the suffix “.html” taking a colored ASCII Html

Did we forget a basic tip or must-have app that can make our Instagram experience even better? Let us know urgently in the comments so we can add it 😉

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