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Car Hacking: More likely to be done by a mechanic than by a hacker

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Not Kodi users are at risk of 10 years' imprisonment

Great UK newspapers, such as The Mirror, Daily Mail, The Sun and Express, report that everyone who watches streaming through Kodi is at risk of 10 years' imprisonment. Of course it is a false news that was born to click-bait. There were dozens of other publications of the same "news".

Today, Sunday Express raised bets by saying that TorrentFreak readers could also go to jail.kodi

Piracy has always been a reasonably popular issue in the UK and there should be no one today who has not been involved or has not encountered the phenomenon in any way.

Last time with the release of TV Boxes that have installed the totally legitimate Codi software, which is supplemented with addons offering free access to high quality movies, TV channels and live sports, piracy became fully accessible even to those who are beginners with every kind of technology.

We have already mentioned the issue, but as British newspapers seem to have published stunning stories about Copi and piracy in general, often recycling the same story with click-bait SHOCKING, YOU JUST WILL NOT BELIEVE.

10 years of imprisonment for Kodi users?

The above report, published by the Daily Express, is typical of all those published lately. The name Kodi is a very popular search term, and there are constantly discovered issues that have to do with the application. Intellectual property issues not applicable.

As reported this week, the Digital Economy Act imposes sanctions for IPR offenses from two to ten years, but only under certain circumstances. This does not apply to users who transmit content to their home via Kodi.

In order to capture a user and get in jail, he must notify the public of a copyrighted work.

In terms of piracy, it means "upload" or "upload", but those who broadcast content through Kodi do not do that.

This Law does not say anything about a solution to addressing content streaming by users, a dot.

You can also take a look at the picture below ... ..

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