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Synchredible: Sync automatically. Earn 15 licenses

ASCOMP Synchredible: Synchronize your folders and disks in a very easy and fast way. Whether it's a single file or an entire disk - Synchredible will sync, copy and save it for you.

A software wizard will help you precisely identify tasks that can be programmed or are to be done via a USB connection. This way, you can keep your files synchronized automatically!Synchredible

Over the years, Synchredible's technology has made it easy to copy files. The application fits your files and automatically detects the changes. So immediately synchronizes the most recently processed files safely and reliably!

Thanks to the advanced file recognition system, Synchredible saves you time - raw files may not be included in sync if desired. This way, even large folders are synchronized in seconds!

The Synchredible does not only work by synchronizing files locally on your computer, but also for synchronizing folders on an external network or a USB device.

So you can either sync data or just back up your files, and the application will reliably transfer them to any default location.

The Standard Edition of the app is free if you use it at home, while Pro costs 25 Euros.

Download the Standard Edition

[su_box title = ”GiveAway” box_color = ”# 00d111 ″ radius =” 1 ″] SecNews.gr has 15 licenses for the Synchredible Professional application for you.

15 first who will read this publication and wish the Professional version of the application can register from the link below, using the license that is in the green box.

The license applies only to 15 free applications of the Professional version of the application.

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