HomesecurityWhat you need to know about Mobile Connected World 2017

What you need to know about Mobile Connected World 2017

Mobile Connected World

                             MOBILE CONNECTED WORLD CONFERENCE 2017 «Mobile Now: Living the day, the Smart Connected Way!»

                                       Thursday 4 May 2017 - Athens, Divani Caravel

The world around us is changing. The way we live, work and move around the city is changing… We are in a time when mobile communications and IoT they tend to unite by creating a marvelous, interconnected world!

New challenges and opportunities emerge within it 5G and 4's Industrial Revolution, creating many parallel ecosystems that will affect all markets in every aspect of our lives. The mobile industry is behind all innovation and seeks its expanded role in society, economy and technology.

This year's congress is divided into the following topics:

• 1: Me and my Smart Mobility Projects - The Connected Ecosystem!

• 2: Smart Connected Business - The IoT world

• 3: Smart Connected Cities - The future is now!

At the Mobile Connected World conference, executives of the Telecommunications and Information Technology market, mobile device manufacturers, technology and wireless infrastructure, business software development companies, financial institutions, technology-oriented investors, web and app developers, academics and representatives of young entrepreneurs .

For more information and to sign up, you can visit the conference website

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