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Philips E-Line 27 inch flat screen

The Philips MMD brand license partner, introduces the new 27 inch flat-panel E-Line display, which enhances the performance and viewing quality of the diverse user activities of home users.

With the latest Quad HD, Ultra Wide Color analysis and stunning looks for every venue, the new 276E8FJAB screen delivers crisp images and rich, vibrant colors that inspire creativity and offer a realistic viewing experience.Philips E-Line

"A home screen is expected to do a lot of things, as users are using it almost for everything, such as being informed by social media, working, editing and making videos, downloading files from various sources, or linking with friends and relatives from all over the world, "says Artem Khomenko, Product Manager Philips monitors Europe at MMD.

"The new 27 inch flat panel display is part of an extensive series designed to do all the above and more, thus bringing the bar to viewing quality and comfortable connectivity, giving users the confidence that this is a first-class brand of outstanding quality and honor. "

Ideal for users looking for consistent performance and stylish design to suit their personal space, the new display offers much more than the usual technical features. Color rendition is superb, with advanced Ultra Wide Color technology, the screen supports a color gamut that is wider than ever - 114% NTSC based on CIE1976 and 132% sRGB based on CIE 1931, which far exceeds the typical 72 % NTSC and 99% sRGB.

Ultra Wide Color extends the range of perceptual colors on the screen, a feature that makes the screen a valuable tool for activities that require accurate color reproduction, such as online shopping, or photo and video editing. Complementing its color capabilities, the 276E8FJAB screen also features Quad HD resolution with 2560 x 1440 pixels for crisp images. High-performance widescreen panels support high density pixel sources such as DisplayPort and HDMI, while the ultra-wide viewing angle of the 178 degrees makes it possible to view the screen virtually from virtually any corner.

With a set of features that automatically optimize graphics, the screen adjusts playback for an even better viewing experience: Philips SmartContrast and SmartImage Lite technologies analyze the content of the screen by making adjustments automatically and in real-time contrast to colors, sharpness of the image and backlight intensity to match the projected content at all times. Flicker-free technology minimizes eye fatigue with a new method that adjusts brightness and reduces flicker for even more comfortable viewing.
In terms of flexibility, the screen also offers extra sound, with two built-in speakers for smooth audio playback while viewing video or video calls.

The overall design elegance of the screen makes it a stylish touch in every room. The design is enhanced by edge-to-edge glass and very thin frames that, in addition to the discreet look, increase the display area of ​​the screen and minimize distraction.

The new Philips 276E8FJAB E-Line, with a retail price of € 399, will be available at 2017's electronic stores in May.

Philips E-Line Technical Specifications

Specifications Screen Philips 276E8FJAB
Type LCD panel Technology IPS
Backlight Technology W-LED
Μέγεθος panel 27 inches / 68.6 ex.
Dimensional aspect 16:9
Optimal resolution 2560 x 1440 @ 60Hz
Viewing angle 178 ° (H) / 178 ° (V), @ C / R> 10
Brightness 350 cd / m²
Chrdisplay screens 16.7 milliontions
Color gamut (typicalή) NTSC 114% (based on CIE 1976 )
sRGB 132% (based on CIE 1931 )
Inimage enhancement SmartImage Lite
  • Inembedded Speakers: 3 W x 2
  • Kensington lock
  • Plug & Play Compatibility: DDC / CI, Mac OS X, sRGB, Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8/7
  • Entrances Signal: VGA (Analog), DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 1.4
  • Log in Sync: Separate Sync, Sync on Green
  • Sound (In / Out): PC audio-in, Headphone out
Βasso ciation
  • Okequal: -5 / 20 motions
  • Environmental and energy standards: EnergyStar 7.0, EPEAT Silver, RoHS, without mercury, without lead
  • Recyclable packaging material: 100%
Compliance and Standards Regulatory Approvals: CE Mark, FCC Class B,
TCO certified, WEEE, CECP, CU, EPA, RCM
  • Chrshoulder: Μαύρο & ΜMetal Gray
  • Finshame: Glossy


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