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High-End Phones were only 29% of Samsung's sales

Last year will not go down in history as a good year for Samsung premium smartphones, especially given the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco. Sales of high-end smartphones fell below 30%, following a trend that started before from a few years.


In the second quarter of 2013, Samsung released the Galaxy S4 at a time when sales of high-end smartphones reached 75% of all phones sold worldwide. 2013 was the year that marked the decline in sales of Samsung premium phones that gradually reached below 40% in 2015.

Now high-end phones are sold for just 29%, down 11% in just two years. It is worth noting that Samsung had recalled a flagship smartphone last year and focused heavily on selling more S7 and S7 edge to make up the difference.

The numbers are for the first quarter of this year, Samsung can still change its fortune with the launch of the Galaxy S8 and S8 +, which is scheduled for this year. The arrival of a new Samsung flagship will also make its predecessors even more attractive, as the prices of the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge will definitely fall and many offers will convince some customers to buy last year's powerful smartphone.

As we discuss pricing, a recent report showed that Samsung devices sold for an average of $ 232 worldwide in 2016. This is down 19,7% from $ 289 in 2015, while the average Apple's selling price for last year increased by 7% compared to 2015, reaching $ 645. This should not be a surprise since Apple does not manufacture entry-level smartphones and more affordable products since the most economical product it has costs $ 399 and is the 32GB variant of the iPhone SE.

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