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Google app: A new section that will solve your hands

H Google has brought a great change to its applications for Android and IOS devices when introducing tappable shortcuts that enable users to search and find information more easily online.Google

Tappable shortcuts can be combined with a very impressive feature of Google that has begun to appear to more and more users. Google has tried the recent section in the Google app and decided to make it available to more people.

The Recent section is stored in the Google app and can be found in the side menu. However, in order to access your recent searches, you must activate the function at the bottom of the "Settings menu", "Accounts" and "Privacy".

Google said that Recent allows you to find new topics you've recently searched for in the app. So the search process is now easier and you can compare your products much faster. The positive thing is that you can get rid of the pages you do not want simply by dragging them but not losing them from your Google account.

The new section also allows you to access your Google Account activity and allows searches based on the day or product. It shows how many searches are running on the given day and lets you edit them in many ways. Note that only you can view your account information.

The Recent section has been tested for some time, even before Google introduced Offline Searches that allow users to store Google searches offline.

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