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The Prime Now service works with Alexa


If you were looking for another reason to spend more hours at home, then you just found it: Amazon has begun voice shopping through Alex Primea's Prime Service, which offers quick free delivery to selected US cities.

So, if you want to eat some snacks, you can just say "Alexa, order tortilla chips from Prime Now" and your order will arrive at your door "within the next two hours, from the available delivery system", says Amazon .

It is even better: Customers in some cities can also order beer, wine and alcoholic beverages. Unfortunately, the service is currently quite limited: You can get alcoholic beverages only in Seattle, Washington, while beer and wine are available in Columbus and Cincinnati, Ohio.

You can order many things in one order and Alexa will help you even with recommendations - you can't get chips without a little sauce, right?

In total, Alexa's new skill covers "tens of thousands" of items. To be able to shop through Alexa, you must be a Prime member (with default payment and shipping address) and of course you must reside in one of the 30 cities where Prime Now is available - see full list here.

Amazon Smart Voice Assistant is available on a variety of devices, including Amazon, ECHO Dot, Amazon Tap, Fire Tablet and Fire TV.


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