How to block spam calls and messages from your Samsung mobile
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How to block spam calls and messages from your Samsung mobile

Some of the most annoying things are spam calls and spam messages. At best, it's just a nuisance ....
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Russian Security Team upgrades SCADA Exploit Tool

A security company in Russia plans to release an upgraded exploit pack for industrial control software, which includes a ...
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The ransomware attack on Eurofins has affected the United Kingdom police service

An attack on Eurofins, a global provider of scientific testing services, could result in a large ...
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Finally, does VPN protect us or expose us to risks?

Nowadays, using VPN to browse the internet is considered necessary, especially when traveling to other countries. For...
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Google Play is packed with thousands of applications that steal data

Researchers from the University of Sydney conducted a survey according to which the Google Play Store is full of ...
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Facebook adds City Guides to arrange your trips

Some people do not plan a trip without first visiting travel websites and asking friends who have visited this place.


If Facebook does what it says, you will soon be able to do both without having to quit its application.

Mobile Networking is testing a new feature, City Guides for selected iOS and Android users. It is the answer of Facebook to TripAdvisor, providing elaborate suggestions for local attractions, events, restaurants and much more. To make it even easier for you, it also shows you a list of friends who have visited the city and what they did when they were there.

The feature was first spotted last December, but Next Web noticed its release to a wider number of users this morning.

You will find a list of international cities your friends have visited. After choosing one of the cities, you can take a closer look at what's happening. The page shows the weather and local time and lets you start planning your trip with the presentation of the sights and the upcoming events for the place you want.

We do not yet know exactly when the feature will be available to all its users application or when it will start in Facebook browsers.

"We are testing a redesigned surface on City Pages that shows information about your city," said a spokesman for Facebook. "This content already exists and during this test it should gather information in a way that is more personalized and relevant to you. So this new feature can help people get a better idea of ​​their city or a city they visit through the eyes of their friends. »

City Guides is Facebook's latest conquest on its mission to hold virtually every aspect of modern life. Last month, it introduced enhanced weather forecasts with the help of and a feature that allows users to apply for jobs through the social network.

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