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The speech of M. Sfakianakis at the "Safety on the Internet"

It was successful from CYBER SECURITY INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE in collaboration with the Municipality of Farsala, a workshop on Internet safety, Sunday (05 / 03) at the Farsal Cultural Center.The workshop was addressed to an audience of our municipality and neighboring municipalities, where parents and children of all ages wished to be trained on how to deal with the challenges of the digital world and adapt to the new circumstances. Responsible for the action and president School Committee for Secondary Education of the Municipality of Farsala, Kyriaki Panayotopoulos preached the guest and referred to his career as an officer in the field of electronic crime in the Greek Police and his rich resume. He then thanked him for his honorary presence at the workshop. The conference was attended by Lieutenant General and now specialized in Internet issues Manos Sfakianakis as well as Criminologist Maria Voulgaraki.internet internet internet

The themes developed during this workshop were:

  • Mission and purpose of the Institute
  • The purpose of organizing the workshops through the Institute in the Greek territory.
  • Online threats and protection measures for minors.
  • The offenses and the way they are committed through the internet, as well as prevention practices.
  • The phenomena of online violence, the dangers of social networking sites and the prevention and management of risks associated with new technologies in general.
  • What is going on via the internet.
  • The aim was also to promote the csi institute's activity, which initially includes the benefits and expertise of social groups and professional bodies, the prevention of criminal behavior and the provision of the internet in modern societies.

the Lieutenant General then referred to facts that have evolved into his professional career and advised the public that he would coexist safely on the internet as he stressed is an important tool for us to handle it properly.

The foreword by the criminologist Ms. Voulgarakis, who spoke about the real dangers that arise from age and gave her own tone at the workshop.

Mr Sfakianakis then gave the floor to the public and held a dialogue on various questions and issues, such as electronic transactions, social media, and the safe use to which they responded individually. The Mayor of Farsala, who welcomed the guest in our city and then donated the album "Knowing the City of Homeric Achilles"

The meeting was attended by former Chief of General Staff Chrysos Vatsis, the head of the minor opposition Mr Iphou, a large number of people, local councilors and presidents of organizations and cultural associations in the region.

The second event will be held for students of Gymnasiums and Lyceums in the city and province of Farsala on Monday 6 / 3 and 11 time. in the City's Indoor Gym, with theme "Myths and Reality on the Internet".
Mr. M. Sfakianakis will be accompanied by a forensic psychologist and the issues to be discussed are phenomena that concern adolescents and adults when they browse the Internet, such as:
- Digital footprints / traces.

Source: ifarsala.gr

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