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Car Hacking: More likely to be done by a mechanic than by a hacker

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Upscaling to Linux Hit Ranking

Because I personally deal with Linux, I often visit Distrowatch. This page is a Linux distribution list. So you can search for the distribution you are interested in and find out if it meets your needs. The website is updated daily with new releases and open source releases.

Hit Ranking now using Distrowatch is a method of evaluating interest in the distributions hosted on the website. Essentially, the service counts the clicks that each distribution receives, highlighting those that interest most users.linux

Until a while ago, the list of the first five Linux distributions for the last six months contained the following:

1 Mint
2. Debian
3. Ubuntu
4. openSUSE
5. Manjaro

Let's say 4 from 5 distributions is LTS (provide long-term support), and 2 from 5 has Rolling Releases, ie roll-up versions. Of course we are talking about openSUSE Tumbleweed and Manjaro which is an Arch fork.
OpenSUSE also has a LTS version called Leap.

The first overturning occurred in the five, as Manjaro managed to get through the standard openSUSE distribution.
So the list of first distributions in the last six months was as follows:

rank Distribution HPD *
1 Mint 2770<
2 Debian 1811>
3 Ubuntu 1422>
4 Manjaro 1395>
5 openSUSE 1357<

I personally believe that the above results justify the "new" distribution of Manjaro, as I believe it deserves your attention and leaves a lot of promises for the future. I use the distribution (basically I use both distributions openSUSE Tumbleweed and Manjaro) , I find it very stable, and I would highly recommend it to users who want to leave Canonical.

Let's look at what has happened with the rest of the Distrowatch list. We will see the first 12 distributions.

6 Zorin 1109>
7 elementary 1045>
8 Fedora 1023<
9 deepin 861>
10 Antergos 807>
11 CentOS 792<
12 Arch 728linux

If you are also a friend of Fedora, the list will be particularly distraught since the Ubunton's elementary best-selling show has gone through a long history distribution.

Also Zorin at 6 may not like me as a friend of the classical operating system, but it makes me think that this particular distribution is using it most Windows Linux newcomers, so it does not make me sad, especially as it could mean an increase in input users from the Microsoft user database.

At 13, there is CentOS, a distribution I consider the most reliable for desktop and desktop environments. The 13 position for such a trusted distribution may indicate the need for a public for latest software releases and new technologies, which is not available.

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