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Release dates for Galaxy S8 and LG G6

That's it Galaxy S8 of Samsung and G6 of LG are two of the most anticipated devices to be announced in the coming weeks. While we are confident that the LG she intends to present her new smartphone on February 26, the rumored announcement date Galaxy S8, 29 March, has not been confirmed yet.Galaxy S8

A new report says that Samsung is going to introduce its flagship to 21 April. The delight of the case is that all the markets will be gained on that day worldwide, and it is argued that South Korea will be pleased to receive it a week earlier. However, to ensure stability in the phone's commissions the most likely it is Galaxy S8 to make a premiere the same day on a global level. This is corroborated by a report by South Korea which states that Samsung has not yet decided whether to pre-sell it Galaxy S8 in the country or not.

On the other hand, the LG aims to observe the initial reaction of the market to G6 and then introduce a pre-sale campaign of its flagship. It seems that the Samsung leaves this open, as pre-sale strategies help in marketing the device. According to the report its pre-sale Galaxy S8 will open on April 13, but this date has not been finalized.

The sure thing is that by the end of the week the LG it is going to announce its new model, which will be available on the 10 market in March. His pre-sale G6 will start on 2 March and will be completed on 9 while the phone will be premiered in the broader market the next day.

Η LG has promoted her new enough smartphone so the G6 it will recover some momentum in the market before it's revealed Galaxy S8.


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