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China's top beauty app is a mobile ideal for selfies


So far, you will have heard about Meitu - the top Chinese beauty app that has caused a stroke.

The Chinese application development company has also made good use of the obsession of some people with selfies, with the special "selfie phones." Its latest model, the T8, was just announced on Tuesday and features 12 megapixel cameras with fast autofocus, both on the rear and front camera.

Cameras use the Sony IMX362 dual pixel sensor - the same sensor used in the rear camera of the Xiaomi redmi Pro 2. Dual pixel cameras are known to provide much faster autofocus as well as clearer photos in low light conditions.

The phone, which is made based on an ornamental software, will also carry some form of artificial intelligence, according to the company.

AI will apply it technology Face recognition of Meitu across the huge database of selfie in order to guess the person's age, gender and skin tones so that he can make a better guess on how to self-adjust your appearance.

This means that different effects will apply to women, men and children, the company says. A spokesman for Meitu said that AI is unique to the phone at the moment and is not in Meitu's applications.

"We can not say for sure at this time whether the gender and age detector will be available in our applications in the future," he added.

Despite the strong possibility of selfie, the phone itself is quite advanced. T8 uses a ten-core MediaTek 2.3GHz processor and a modified operating system system based on Android Marshmallow. In comparison, the other Chinese maker Oppo R9 has an eight-core processor 2GHz and Huawei Mate 8 has an eight-core 2.3GHz processor.

Meitu debuted its first phone in 2013 and releases a new model every year since.

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