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How to restore a driver to Windows 10

As you may already know, every device on your computer needs a driver. It can be a built-in Windows 10 driver, or it can be the manufacturer of the hardware that was published in the Windows Update directory or installed by the OEM or by the user himself manually from the cd of the vendor or from a website.


A new version of a driver usually improves the functionality of device issues and corrects bugs in its previous version. But sometimes, a newer version gives more problems to the device that can make it even useless.

In this case, you may want to restore the previous device driver, at least until the next version of the driver that will probably solve any problem. The ability to restore drivers was introduced to Windows from the XP version and has been included in every version since then.

To restore the earliest version of a driver to Windows 10, do the following:
1. Open Device Manager. To do this, tap the Win + X keys at the same time and select Device Manager from the pop-up menu,

In Device Manager, go to the desired device group that has a problem with your driver and open its submenu. For example, if you want to restore the driver to your graphics adapter, then you need to expand the group called "Display adapters".

2. Right-click on your problematic device listed and select Properties from the context menu.

3. In the device properties dialog, go to the Driver tab. There, you will find a button called "Roll Back Driver". Press it.

4. The next dialog, "Reset Driver Package", comes with a number of options for collecting comments about why you want to restore the older driver. Select the appropriate language and click "Yes" to confirm the operation.

You may be prompted to restart your computer to go to the previous version of the driver.

Once you have finished resetting the driver, you will need to exclude drivers from Windows Update so that they do not reinstall automatically.


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