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The VOLTA magnetic charging cable has a lifetime warranty


If you are looking for a cable that does not get confused and will not disappoint you and also supports Android, iOS and USB-C devices, you may be interested in VOLTA, a powerful multi-device magnetic charging cable.

VOLTA has been made of military-quality materials and offers a powerful, magnetic charging cable that does not get confused and comes with lifetime warranty.

VOLTA is available for $ 30 and is expected to begin shipping in April 2017. His creators explain more about his inspiration and construction:

“Stop wasting your money on weak cables that don't last. The new magnetic charger VOLTA changes the game with powerful tangle-free protective materials that works well with any device and never breaks. The VOLTA charger also features a reversible magnetic connection that is connected - instantly - each time.

VOLTA has passed many rigorous tests of reliability and guarantees that it will last longer than any other cable, no matter what you do. ”

Cable Features:

  • 18K gold plated copper core & 24 AWG copper wires, guaranteeing a lightning charge.
  • 18K gold-plated needles that deliver faster, more stable current to your device.
  • 3 layers of PVC for extra protection, anti-oxidant and anti-corrosion nickel which means that VOLTA will last forever. Say goodbye to visiting the store every few months to buy another charger - you'll only need to buy VOLTA once. . the most powerful magnetic cable in the world that solves any problems you would encounter with solid materials and has a lifetime warranty.

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