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Google: Campaign against the anti-immigration decree!

Η Google has announced that it will donate money to workers and those who suffer from the anti-immigration decree signed by Donald Trump a few days ago.Google

USA Today reports that the $ 2 million deposited by the giant in conjunction with almost 2 more of the employees' donations will be able to look like a satisfactory help. In addition, the company's execs are going to donate extra money for this purpose making this the largest campaign ever created by Google.

The money will go to four organizations: the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the Immigrant Legal Resource Center, the International Rescue Committee and the UNHCR.

Although herself Google has not officially announced this solidarity act, it was recently confirmed by a representative of the company.

Informationally, the ACLU announced that it received more money last week than it usually does in a whole year. This means that donations of a total amount of 24.100.000 dollars were made only online.

Beyond Gogle, the Lyft also announced it will donate one million euros for the next four years to the ACLU.

This attitude of Gogle does not make us any special impression as it is known that the company is against such practices. On the contrary, it wants a more relaxed immigration visa legislation so that it can more easily employ foreign workers.

The giant looks quite troubled by the new 90-enforcing decree imposing 7-day days when Muslims (from 50.000 different countries) and Syrian refugees enter the United States while the maximum number of refugees allowed to enter the country this year is XNUMX.


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