WiFi Finder: Leak over 2 million Wi-Fi network passwords

WiFi Finder: Leak over 2 million Wi-Fi network passwords

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5 key steps for greater security of a data center

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Hackers use Bit.ly, BlogSpot, and Pastebin to distribute RevengeRAT

A new survey by the Palo Alto Networks Unit 42 revealed a malicious campaign that took place in March and ...
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The perfect kitchen appliance for those who do not cook well


Despite America's love for kitchen appliances, they lack the popular pieces of luxury food technology that Europe and Australia enjoy for many years.

At first glance, the Thermomix TM5 looks too much like a complicated blender, but there is much more. Promising to make you "no longer afraid of cooking" is basically a sophisticated device that can deliver recipes, cut, grind, ferment and actually cook your food. It's like an intelligent container that does it all. While it may not be the best device for people who like to cook, it is perfect for those who have no idea how to cook or just do not like it.

Overall, the device is actually a bit complicated.

A large bowl placed on an even larger base and the interior has various accessories such as a steam basket, an attached whip, a spatula, a knife and a measuring cup. It is not small and the parts occupy extra space.

A small touch screen of the device allows you to choose from a variety of different recipes, ranging from soups and pizza dough to daisies. Once a recipe is selected, the screen shows step-by-step instructions and also works as a scale to help users measure components. Users can choose from a variety of different recipes from the cooking book included with the device, but access to the entire Thermomix library is going to cost you naturally.

The company has unveiled a new dongle called 2017 called Cook Key, which will allow users to access 20.000's different Wi-Fi recipes.

While $ 1299 may seem a lot to the device, 20.000 recipes are an impressive number and are appealing to some (rich) users.

While it is useful, Thermomix is ​​definitely a luxury that occupies valuable space in your kitchen.

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