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Hidden torrents of Kickass Torrents are hidden

A few days ago we mentioned the reappearance of the popular torrent tracker Kickass Torrents. Initially, the news that spread very fast on the internet meant that they dropped the popular website before it was well up by former tracker members due to increased traffic.

For the story in July, the famous torrent site Kickass Torrents suddenly stopped working after the arrest of the supposed founder of Artem Vaulin. But it seems that everything was not lost ...

Since yesterday, the site has returned online since its managers have managed to solve the problem of its response to increased traffic. But it's not like the classic Kickass Torrents we all knew.

At this time the original site redirects to the forum where registration is required. It takes one to record passkey as you will see in the following gif.

Follow the steps presented in the gif to complete your registration.

1. from the URL https://katcr.co/new/account-signup.php
2. Copy the passkey and paste it into the two boxes to enable it. Click on 'Ready to Go'

Note: Save your passkey somewhere securely.


1. From the URL https://katcr.co/new/account-login.php
2. enter Username
3. and the passkey you used above

For those who do not wish to make another online registration, you can have direct access to torrents from the following link:



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