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China's Traffic Elevated Bus plan is being abandoned


China's "swallowing" test bus, which has been hailed as the futuristic solution to traffic congestion, has encountered a major hurdle, according to a recent report by the Chinese news network The Paper.

The full-scale bin test model has been abandoned on the 300 meter trial route in Qinhuangdao, Hebei Province. Obviously Transit Explore Bus, the company that developed the Traffic Elevated Bus (TEB) has also left the project.

According to a Shanghai translation, a guard said, "Company executives have long since retired and I am unable to contact them."

The TEB was described as a revolution in ground transport when it was presented as an original at the International High-Tech Expo in Beijing in May. The vehicle was designed to carry passengers over road traffic, to help reduce emissions vehicles and traffic congestion - a growing problem in China.


Obviously, the investors who funded the construction and initial testing of TEB, have decided that they have already spent enough of their money and are rather reluctant to invest more. Work on his first production plant has never started. In fact, he had not yet been licensed to develop it plan. Investors soon began to ask for their money back and TEB Huaying Team's parent company was in dire financial turmoil. In addition, there are some who claim that TEB was a fraud to grab money from its investors.

If the allegations are true or not, it will be seen in the future, but what is becoming more certain is that China is not about to celebrate the first Traffic Elevated Bus soon.

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