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Tap this button and delete yourself from the internet


Delete yourself from the internet at the touch of a button

Thanks to the huge contribution of Internet technology to communication and information exchange, modern life has become much easier and more convenient. However, on the other hand, there is a chance that our personal data may be at risk or our computer will be exposed to risks such as viruses that make you think about disappearing from the internet. As we have said before, this is now possible, thanks to a new site.

Developers in Sweden have created a website that can help you delete your online presence with just a few clicks. Swedish developers Wille Dahlbo and Linus Unnebäck created Deseat.me using the protocol security Google to remove your entire online presence. The program runs on your computer and not on servers on the web page to maximize privacy precautions continuously.

"Privacy and data security is something we consider extremely important," explains the team behind the site. "In fact, it is our number one goal. That's why we built it to run on your computer. So basically all you tell us is the accounts you want to delete. That's also because we use Google's OAuth protocol, we do not have access to any of your logins. "

Simply put, all you need to do is add your email address and password and you can remove all traces connected to this address at the touch of a button. This means that there will no longer be Gmail, Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Ebay, Amazon or any of them. However, for the time being, the site only deletes information related to the email address, only for Gmail.

All you have to do is sign in with a Google Account and the program scans for any applications or services that you created using it and creates a list of them with easy-to-delete links. For each account, it finds the program and gives you a "delete" link that will instruct you to delete the service page. You'll probably only need a few clicks per account to delete it and depending on how many accounts you have on the list, you can stay without any internet account within an hour.

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