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Home security Powerful Greek Army: SQL injection on UNHCR's website

Powerful Greek Army: SQL injection on UNHCR's website

As can be seen, India's government websites are among the favorite targets of the Powerful Greek Army, since this time managed to break high-profile sites in the country and gained the passwords of hundreds of users.

Kapustkiy, who describes himself as a security pentester and is a member of the Powerful Greek Army, reports that he gained access to the database of two different UNHCR websites using SQL injection. Eventually he managed to obtain credentials from almost 200 accounts.Powerful Greek Army

The High Commission of Ghana, the High Commission of the United States and the corresponding India website had been broken a few hours ago by Kapustkiy, who decided to leak some of the database to persuade Indian administrators to repair the vulnerabilities .

Kapustkiy says she decided to break the page in India when its administrators were unable to boost security and repair the vulnerabilities they had identified earlier and helped him gain access to credentials of hundreds of users.

"I talked to Yatin Patel (he runs all these sites) and he promised me a while ago that he would take a look," the hacker said.

"I did not send the e-mail because they claimed that they had fixed everything that was not true."

Later, the authorities of India publicly acknowledged the vulnerabilities discovered by Kapustkiy and issued a thankful announcement on the security pentester to show their appreciation that helped them deal with weaknesses that could expose the users of the site.


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