HomesecurityMark Zuckerberg's Pinterest account was down again

Mark Zuckerberg's Pinterest account was down again


In June, a hacker group known as "OurMine" took on responsibility for invading Twitter's, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook accounts.

For the second time this year, Zuckerberg's Pinterest account has been reoccupied by the same team. OurMine is reportedly a Saudi Arabian hacker group targeting the social networks of the top Silicon Valley executives to "sensitize" about Internet security. It reveals the security gaps in the user's account by violating it.

OurMine sent a mail to CNET informing him that he has hacked Zuckerberg's Pinterest account. They claimed they had discovered a vulnerability in Pinterest that allowed them to breach Zuckerberg's account. By exploiting it, they were able to deform their profile.

According to the report, Zuckerberg's Pinterest featured the message "Do not worry, we're just testing your security." While the team does not reveal how it performed hack, but said you are not related to any of the databases leaked this year after the violations.

OurMine team also sent mail to CNET the Zuckerberg Twitter username and password. The team also revealed that Zuckerberg changed to two-factor authentication on Twitter after hacking his account earlier this year.

OurMine had previously taken responsibility for hacking on the Pokemon Go servers in July, the Twitter account of John Hanke, managing director of Niantic, and many other hacking at the expense of eminent people.

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