Banning links from embedded browsers for security reasons

Banning links from embedded browsers for security reasons

Google has decided to ban the logins from embedded browsers since June of 2019. Why did he ...
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Malicious AutoHotkey Scripts infect systems for spyware purposes

A new threat appears to have occurred, in which malicious hackers use AutoHotkey scripts to ...
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PS5 details: Is there a risk that hackers will exploit them?

Sony's game developer and creator, Mark Cerny, gave some details about the new PS5 console. In one...
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Cisco warns of vulnerabilities in 9000 series routers

Cisco has released 31 security tips this week, but has focused users on "critical" patches for ...
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HP: Adds the Sure Sense malware blocker to its new devices

HP announced a series of updates and new features for PCs, as well as the official HP release ...
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IOS 10.2 makes it harder to snap iPhone backups

Η Apple recently released the first iOS 10.2 beta (trial version) and in addition to new emoticons, it appears that the company made a change that is vital to the security of the data being backed up.


Security experts at the iMazing site explain that the iOS 10.2 trial version makes 1,000 encrypted backups as safe as OS Update raises the required processing power to break the password.

Apple tried to enhance the security of encrypted backup with iOS 10 in the first release, but due to a security flaw, the company did the exact opposite, Backups Cupertino corrected the problem quite quickly and by presenting iOS 10.1 found a solution to this issue by blocking the violent attacks and making the codes almost impossible to shake.

But all of this seems to have improved with the latest trial version available to everyone when iOS 10.2 is released for all users, since it is currently being tested by developers and beta users.

"Now in the first iOS 10.2 beta, things were changed again, Apple had a little surprise about the potential attackers: not only did they make all backups encrypted, but the authentication of a user's password is more demanding."

Apple has decided to increase the security of its products since the FBI tried to force the company to hurt the iPhone belonging to one of the San Bernardino terrorists. Apple refused, but the FBI managed to hack the device with the help of hackers whose names have not been revealed.

Apple is reportedly trying to build a hackerproof iPhone and also part of its design is reportedly the security of encrypted copies of iTunes. The company has not confirmed this, but we will have more information when iOS 10.2 is released. Until then we were waiting!

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