Ethical hacking-Penetration Testing: Necessary to protect your data

Ethical hacking-Penetration Testing: Necessary to protect your data

If you want to protect your personal or corporate data from hackers, it would be good to attend some lessons ...
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Are Ships Safe from Cyber ​​Attacks?

Nowadays, even ships are at risk of hacking. New systems they use to connect ...
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Malicious insider attacks on financial services!

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FaceApp became viral again. Does it endanger our personal life?

FaceApp. The application is reverted to viral after two years of circulation. Its effects have improved and many influencers decided to bring back ...
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12 makes a program that protects against drugs


A 12-old girl developed a program on the computer, which prevents a dangerous reaction to drugs

A drug can help some people, but it may have a negative reaction to others. Until now there was no way that doctors could tell how the drug will react to a particular person, but now thanks to a 12-old girl this is possible.

Sofia Tomov from Knoxville, Tennessee, has created a computer program that could help doctors prevent a dangerous drug reaction. He is one of the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge 2016 finalists, a famous science contest for high school students.

Tomov's algorithm can be used by doctors while examining patients to find out if a particular patient is allergic to drugs as part of his usual medical care. Its purpose program is to identify any genetic mutations that could cause a dangerous or potentially lethal reaction to prescription drugs.

According to the latest data, the adverse drug reaction is the fourth most common cause of death in the United States.

Sofia, whose ambition is to get a PhD in computer science and start her own company, admits she still has a lot of work to do before her program can be implemented.

"Until now [scientists] have not found a feasible solution because algorithms take too long to run on a 6000000000 genome," explains A Mighty Girl's Facebook Page.

"For patients in emergencies such as heart attack, this is a huge risk to their health."

This is not the first invention of Sofia. He has already built a system that prevents rejected drugs from entering the water supply.

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