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Just released: Notepad ++ 7.0

Notepad ++ 7.0 is the latest version of the popular text and source code editing application. It is a program only for devices that run on Windows. From time to time we have mentioned the application in many publications of where edits are required, as it is free and one of the best in circulation. Notepad + +

We've been using it for many years to avoid the Windows notepad for many different reasons.

One of them: Try to edit a php file with Windows notepad and then upload it to a Linux server. Then download the file and open it with Notepad ++. Formatting the text will convince you.

The new version of the popular program comes with a long list of new features and improvements over previous releases.

The new Notepad ++ 7.0 is also available in 64-bit build, which can be downloaded to a portable or exe installation from the project website.

Among the improvements we consider to be important is the fix that allowed DLL hijacking to malicious users.

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The automatic updater has a new option that allows you to disable it through a query it displays.

For the new features, there are several: You can set Notepad ++ 7.0 to close automatically if you close the last tab, for example.

You can find it in Settings - Preferences - General - Exit to close the last tab.

Other features include Ruby support, an option to run Internet searches from selected words in the content of the text, and new options for changes (title, lowercase, etc.)

Let us also mention that it resolves hdpi screen density issues, and auto-completion in XML.

You can try the application from the following links:

Dowload 64-bit x64

Note that most of the plugins are not yet available in x64

Download Notepad ++ source code of current version and / or check sha1 digests for binary packages on GitHub

In a world without fences and walls, who needs Gates and Windows


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