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Home security Exclusive: The first Greek market in DarkNet

Exclusive: The first Greek market in DarkNet

As a reader of told us, the first Greek market in DarkNet is a fact. We visited the page to see which leads the .onion sent by the reader of

The ambitious underground Greek market is reported to follow DarkNet's big shopping patterns, so the content was pretty much expected.darknet

Drivers for beginners of DarkWeb and online purchases of the genre, Personal Data, Drugs, Weapons, Murderers, Hackers, Hacking Tools and Fake Documents are the items that will be on the shelves of the store.

Let's say that although the goals of the owners seem very ambitious, with the "products" they are thinking of moving, the forum is currently empty. DarkNet

If you do not know what DarkNet is, read on from our previous post "What exactly is the Dark Web?"

1. What exactly is the Dark Web?

Dark Web: We've seen it as 'Dark Net' or 'Deep Web.' It's part of a mysterious network. Deep Web is a specialized group of websites, the identity of which is hidden by governments, trackers, and law enforcement. Regular search engines and web browsers used by the general public can not see these pages. It is a virtual virtual space where users are in full anonymity for good or bad purposes.

2. What is the purpose of Dark Web?

The main intention of Dark Web is to provide a safe online anonymity shelter, where users can interact almost without fear of disclosing their identity to governments or law enforcement authorities. Dark Web hosts discussion forums, blogs, dating services, online shopping, data sources, science books, and many other services.

The Positive Side of Dark Web: The Dark Web, in part, is a haven of democracy for opposing any corruption. From the anonymous network, whistleblowers can report corporate and government misconduct to journalists, exposing corruption hidden from the general public.

Dark Web is an oasis for people in oppressive regimes or religions. Through the anonymous network they can find like-minded thinkers, and perhaps find help to escape the oppressive conditions that prevail in their lives.

So the dark network can be considered a paradise for journalists and people with a controversial way of life who can communicate with each other without the fear of retaliation.

The Negative Side of Dark Web: the dark network is not only used by journalists and activists. It is also a huge black market for smuggling and providing illegal services. Buying, selling and exchanging: hacking information (Zero-Day), drugs, weapons, stolen credit card numbers, illegal pornographic material, money laundering services, killer recruiting services and much more.

The site that our reader sent us, as you understand, belongs to the last paragraph of the above-mentioned DarkWeb presentation.

For obvious reasons, we will not post the .onion URL.

We should mention the creation of a site in DarkNet or rather to better describe the work we have come across: setting up a phpbb forum is not difficult, either set up on www or onion. It is difficult to gather interested parties (members) and in this case to avoid some conception, as "products" are not what you find in a Super Market.


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