HomesecurityAttention: Microsoft changes secretly the Group Policy before updating

Attention: Microsoft changes secretly the Group Policy before updating

As it appears, Microsoft has secretly changed some Group Policy options in Windows 10 to be released on August 2. The upcoming version of Windows 10 version 1607 Anniversary Update limits your control over Pro versions.

What does this mean; Pro version users with this version get fewer options available from 1511.

So too many operating system behaviors can not be Microsoft

If you read the description of some settings in the new Group Policy of the upcoming Windows 10 build 14393, you will find that the options listed below are no longer available for Windows 10 Pro users and are only allowed in the Enterprise and Education versions:

The ability to disable the lock screen1 lock-screen

In Windows 10, the lock screen displays fancy backgrounds and some useful information such as clock, date and notifications. You can also choose a user account to sign in. If you disable the lock screen, you can have the login screen with authentication. As the lock screen gradually merges with the login screen, Microsoft eliminates the Disabling feature for Pro users.

Disable Windows Tips2 windows-tips

The same goes for the Group Do Not Show Windows tips policy, which could be used to turn off help tips and notifications in Windows 10. These are of course very annoying for experienced users.

Disable Microsoft Customer Experience3 consumer-experience

Using this option, you could prevent Windows 10 from automatically downloading and installing promo applications such as Candy Crush Saga Soda, Flipper, Twitter, Netflix, Pandora, MSN News and many other unwanted apps and games. With the new policy, Pro (and Home) users will not be able to prevent them from automatically downloading and installing these applications. This policy setting has no effect on these versions, and you can prevent automatic download and installation in the Enterprise and Education versions of Windows 10.

From the above you understand that Microsoft is beginning to downgrade Windows 10 Pro. These changes make Pro Pro less attractive for users who want to control their system.

So if you use Windows 10 Pro on your job you will have to accept the automatic download of games and many more from the Windows Store. In this way, Microsoft forces its customers to look at the highest-priced versions (Enterprise and Education) that are only available through a certain number of licenses. Licenses are not only more expensive but you need to buy from a certain number of licenses and upwards.

The Enterprise and Education versions appear to be the only versions that still offer full control over the deployment of unwanted applications and telemetry constraints.
(Restrict, not block).

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