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What does Satoshi Nakamoto's date of birth mean?

5 April 1975 is reported to be the birth of Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious founder of Bitcoin, according to an online profile. So if the person is real, he should spend 41 his age. gold Satoshi Nakamoto

The latest story with Mr. Wright claiming to be Nakamoto was so quickly defrauded by cryptographers of the online community, as he saw the spotlight, exposing large news agencies.

But let's see what Satoshi Nakamoto's "date of birth" hides, since if we do not know who he is, we could say that his date of birth may be trying to deceive us.

In fact, this date seems to have a hidden meaning, according to Dominic Frisby, the writer of Bitcoin: The Future of Money, which states in CoinDesk:

"For those who study, April 5th was one of the most important dates in history. On that day in 1933, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Executive Order 6102, which stated that it was illegal for American citizens to possess gold.

Roosevelt then seized the gold of all Americans and gave them dollars in exchange. But he underestimated the dollar around 40 per cent, raising the gold price from $ 20 to $ 35. This has done to underestimate the US debt and try to manage the Great Depression, but some claim that Roosevelt stole the 40% of America's money.

Some view this move as one of the most unconstitutional acts ever made. So it would not be surprising if Nakamoto made the link for reference to the bitcoin libertarian ideas.

The second part of Satoshi Nakamoto's date of birth - 1975 - is also very important, as it refers to the year when gold became legal again for American citizens.

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