Cryptocurrency: Types of crime and ways of protection

Cryptocurrency: Types of crime and ways of protection

When we talk about cryptocurrency always comes to our minds and crime, especially electronic crime. Cryptos are vulnerable ...
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5 key steps for greater security of a data center

Data Center: We all know so far that Cloud technology has changed our lives. The cloud is here for ...
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Netflix: Hackers see the spectators' choices at Bandersnatch

The interactive Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, released in December by Netflix, made a great impression on the audience. The special ...
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Hackers use, BlogSpot, and Pastebin to distribute RevengeRAT

A new survey by the Palo Alto Networks Unit 42 revealed a malicious campaign that took place in March and ...
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Car Hacking: More likely to be done by a mechanic than by a hacker

When we talk about car hacking, it comes to mind a hacker who gets remote access to the car system ...
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Hoax the story of Marsala who deleted his hosting company

Hoax the story of Marsala: A few days ago we published the tragic but funny story of Marco Marsala, who allegedly deleted his entire company with a wrong code line last week.

The absolute case of bad luck of computer software - or an inattention, as some commentators say.rm rf Hoax

But they are not everything they look like. In other words: another hoax on the internet.

Speaking in her Italian version Republic, Marsala explained that history was a viral way of advertising his company.

Marsala even mentions that the story actually happened, someone deleted his company with a wrong line of code "2006."

In the story first published by The Independent, Marsala has posted a server call to Server Fault as he deleted his company with the rm -rf command using Ansible.

As the valid Independent explained: "rm" tells the computer to erase r deletes everything inside a specific directory, and f means "force" that tells the computer to ignore the usual warnings that come when deleting files.

Server Fault commentators then reported the bad news: there was no way to recover the files.

But after the revelation of the hoax, Marsala, said commentators forgot the fact that Ansoft is actually blocking such large-scale mistakes, and that "this can not happen" with this tool.

"Almost every serious manager uses it," Marsala said.

Moral lesson of history? As always, do not believe everything you read on the internet.

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