Ethical hacking-Penetration Testing: Necessary to protect your data

Ethical hacking-Penetration Testing: Necessary to protect your data

If you want to protect your personal or corporate data from hackers, it would be good to attend some lessons ...
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Stand-alone vehicles: Is it really safe or not?

Most of us growing up, we have admired mainly in the movie these large stand-alone vehicles that were advanced and possessed ...
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Are Ships Safe from Cyber ​​Attacks?

Nowadays, even ships are at risk of hacking. New systems they use to connect ...
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Malicious insider attacks on financial services!

It is well known that the sector most affected by cyberattacks is the business sector and in particular financial services ....
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FaceApp became viral again. Does it endanger our personal life?

FaceApp. The application is reverted to viral after two years of circulation. Its effects have improved and many influencers decided to bring back ...
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Play the classic Snake game on your illuminated keypad

Before almost 20 years ago, the Snake game was pretty much the most exciting game we had on available on mobile phones.

classic snake

But both mobile phones and games have evolved a lot in recent years, so the release Snake which you can play today has unbelievable possibilities. But none is like the one that gives you the ability to play your favorite game on your illuminated keypad.

This is a new creation that is published in Github by MythicManiac and allows anyone who owns a Corsair K70 keyboard to really play the Snake by using the LED lights underneath its keys.

So imagine the snake as a red path and the yellow keys as the fruit you have to eat to grow up. The blue LED lights are walls from which you can pass from inside but you will go to the opposite side and so the only thing to watch is not to fall on yourself or on your own tail.

To play this game, you need a Corsair keyboard (the application maker says K70 works for sure, but rather supports other models) and the executable file located on GitHub.

Obviously, the application can work pretty much for every version of Windows. Also make sure you disable Corsair software that allows you to customize your keyboard. Otherwise, the game will not work at all.

See a demo of the game below:

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